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06 Aug 2014
by Claudio

New ‘skip’ parameter to support server-side pagination

In the latest release of BaasBox a new parameter for all endpoints that support pagination and query criteria parameters is now available.
With this new parameter, server-side pagination is more flexible.
The ‘skip’ parameter is similar to the ‘skip’ keyword available for OrientDB queries, it allows to specify the number of records to be skipped before BaasBox starts collecting them as a result set.
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A history of logging

How the BaasBox service manages to log all these messages flying around

While we were building the BaasBox Service, it was clear since the beginning that we wanted to have a distinct image of what was happening in the system in a close to realtime way.
The infrastructure has several components and services talking to each other in a Service Oriented Architecture: a single message could make a full round trip across the infrastructure and what we want to know are all the steps that this message crossed along the way.
Since the beginning we decided to use Logstash in combination with ElasticSearch as it promised to be a de facto standard in logging storage. The text indexing and search feature of elasticsearch was one of the key features in making this choice. Read more

30 Jul 2014
by Federico

Introducing BAASBOX Cloud Service

federico-pacilli_CEO-BaasBox  from Federico Pacilli, CEO of BAASBOX

creating a service is an iterative process,
there is no such thing as the perfect product at the first attempt!

this is what I think and this is why I am writing to you:
Dear Developer,
making a project such as BaasBox is a crazy challenge. Everything started nearly for fun, uploading an internal project by our team on GitHub and after just 18 months the numbers and results we have achieved so far are truly extraordinary. In 2014 alone we exceeded 6.000 downloads and 19.62% of them became users who use BaasBox for their app. There have been striking cases of users who transferred their apps from commercial BaaS to BaasBox and saved up until 43% of thier infrastructure costs. Not only, they finally thrown off the yoke of commercial BaaS and their “vendor lock-in”. Read more

24 Jul 2014
by Matteo F.

Single Field Query Update

Since version 0.7.3 BaasBox allows you to query a document for a single field or update the value of that field without sending the entire document to the server: this could be useful in several scenarios when you want to simply check a value change while polling the server, or update the state of an entity without sending the entire object.

We decided to use URLs to define which field we want to work with: we think it’s a straightforward mechanism and in the future it could easily be extended (i.e. to specify query on linked documents … link to documentation or to limit the results with constraints where field == 'xxx')

Let’s define our data model for this tutorial: we are building the next generation bugtracker called Bugbox.
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BaasBox 0.8.0 Released

We are proud to announce the new release of the BaasBox Server and its SDKs.

BaasBox Server 0.8.0

In this new release we have upgraded the Play Framework to its latest stable version 2.2.3, fixed some bugs and made little general improvements.
We changed the console theme and launched our new support site.
Furthermore, we have improved both the Android and the iOS SDKs.



  • Upgrade to Play Framework 2.2.3
  • Added links (relationships) among documents and files
  • API access control
  • start.bat script for Windows is now available inside the zip package

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01 Apr 2014
by Cesare

How to upload a file using the BaasBox iOS SDK

sdklogoHere is a quick tutorial on how to upload a file using the BaasBox iOS SDK.


Make sure you have Java installed on your Mac. If you need help installing it read these instructions:


  1. download BaasBox here
  2. unzip it
  3. open the terminal and run “./start”

Now you should have BaasBox running on your machine on port 9000. You can go on by installing and configuring the iOS SDK.

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28 Mar 2014
by Cesare

BaasBox on Cocoapods

Cocoapods is a great dependency manager tool for iOS and Mac OSX. As of version 0.7.4 the BaasBox iOS SDK is now available as a Cocoapod. If you are already using Cocoapods in your project you just have to add the following line to your Podfile

pod 'BaasBoxSDK', '~> 0.7'

and run

pod update.

If you like to get started with Cocoapods you can follow the official guide.

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