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15 Dec 2014
by Matteo L.

BaasBox 0.9.0 Released

Engine Since BaasBox 0.9.0 it is possibile to use server side scripting (our plugin engine).

This will allow you developers to extend the API provided by BaasBox with custom functions and expose new endpoints.

If you have not seen them yet, we have produced two videos that show the use of the engine
Hello world!
Birth of a plugin

Here you will find the specific documentation (under construction) Plugin Engine Docs

The complete list of the closed issues is available at GitHub Milestone 0.9.0

Since this version it is NECESSARY to use Java 8

To upgrade from previous versions, just copy the db folder under the new release installation path. As always, BaasBox applies the necessary patches to the database but this operation cannot be undone, so we strongly suggest to perform a backup of the database directory.

Download now BaasBox 0.9.0 at

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04 Nov 2014
by Matteo L.

Password Recovery: what it is and how it works

In this guide I will briefly explain what the Password Recovery service of BaasBox is and how it works.
BaasBox has a function for Password Recovery that allows the users of your App to reset their password in case they forgot it.

In order to make use of this function it is important that upon signup the App sends to BaasBox the email address of the user in the email field of the visibleByTheUser object, as you will see in the following example.

PUT /me Read more

22 Oct 2014
by Matteo L.

The importance of managing multiple apps with one backend

Since BaasBox version 0.8.4 it is possible to manage multiple apps with just one backend, in order to send push notifications.

I will show you an example why managing multiple apps with just one backend is very important for push notifications.

Let’s consider a software to manage a warehouse. A developer may have to work on two/three different apps, one for the administration, one to be distributed to clients and a testing app. These are three distinguished apps, therefore they will have a different package. However, they will share the same backend. Instead of creating 2/3 BaasBox istances, developers will only have to create one and then, thanks to the new feature, they will be able to send push notification specifying to which app they should be sent. Later on I will mention an example to clarify on this.

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17 Oct 2014
by Katia

BaasBox doubles up storage space!

Hello Developers,
We have great news for you!
BaasBox has now doubled up the storage space for all the online plans of the backend-as-a-sevice for FREE!

In order to make our service better and better, we are looking into giving our customers the possibility to purchase additional GB packages in the next release of our backend-as-a-service > stay tuned and follow us!

BaasBox backend-as-a-service more GB

Finally, we have an offer for all the readers of where you can purchase an activation code for our service 50% OFF of its price! Hurry up and check out

to claim your coupon code because they will expire tomorrow!

Catch ya later!


01 Oct 2014
by Katia

[interview] The Mobile Bakery: BaasBox gets Baked

We are going to publish a series of case studies to illustrate how companies are using BaasBox.
This is the first post of the series, in which we interview **Marc Llucià** CTO of The Mobile Bakery.
**What is your company? What do you deal with?**
The Mobile Bakery is a Mobile Agency, we do not just develop apps, we go from the planning and designing of the app (pre-development) to the marketing and viralizing of the product (post-development).
**Can you please briefly explain the project you used it for?**
We developed *Experiencias* (Apple Store, Google Play Store) an application related to the olive oil in Spain, we needed a backend to store news about the main topic and geopositions of some places, all this data is stored and managed with BaasBox. Read more

01 Oct 2014
by Katia

[interview] Visuality software: a vision of BaasBox

**Michele Longhi**
Founder and CEO at Visuality srl (
**Who is Visuality Software? What do you do?**
Visuality is an independent software house that develops apps for iOS and OS X environments, characterized by a strong vertical component, especially in the field of several professional activities such as food service, hospitality, healthcare and technology. Among our case studies there are Presto!, which is an iOS app for food ordering and UNO, the first BOQ software that is native for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
**Have you used/evaluated other backend providers before BaasBox?**
In the first development phase for new products or recent versions of those already existing we have used other backend providers such as Apigee and Kinvey. However, we later abandoned them, in some cases due to their technical limits, in others due to complications or marketing worries. Read more

25 Sep 2014
by Federico

BaasBox, we solve problems for both
small teams and indie app developers

federico-pacilli_CEO-BaasBox  from Federico Pacilli, CEO of BAASBOX
Dear App Developers,
we have just launched our new pricing and the new offer for Backend-as-a-service built on the BaasBox software. We are proud of our new infrastructure and the offer we can present to thousands of developers who already downloaded BaasBox. You will be able to avail this offer until October 19th – afterwards prices will change and they will switch to the final version.
This is the second beta iteration that we have in order to improve our service. Yes, we are improving week after week thanks to our first customers who are giving us lots of feedback. We want to build a unique product that meets the requirements of all the users and that is why we are building it together with you developers.
The aim of our backend-as-a-service is to become the benchmark for indie developers and for small teams of mobile developers. We want to solve the problems you have with your backend, from developing to production of a mobile project. It’s you who are telling us what you need and now I would like to explain why many of you have chosen us and many more will ;-) Read more

17 Sep 2014
by Federico

Beyond the Box: we are launching
Custom Server Coding with BaasBox

BaasBox is still growing, giving you access to more and more functionalities, but in a short time you won’t have to wait any longer until we, the core team, add your most wanted feature. This will be out on our next release in October – BaasBox 0.9.0.

We are indeed working on server side scripting. This will allow you developers to extend the API provided by BaasBox with custom functions, expose new endpoints, add hooks to events on the server and schedule tasks to be executed periodically.

This work is still in its infancy, and we do not have an high level API yet, but we do have the base of a common framework to leverage the capabilities of the server and the platform BaasBox runs on.
We are starting from the most well known language, JavaScript, but being on the JVM gives us the ability to provide you bindings for your most beloved language.

To give you a taste of what we are talking about, here are a pair of simple rough scripts in JavaScript, using the low level ‘_command’ API: Read more

16 Sep 2014
by Andrea

BaasBox Android HotFix 0.8.3a

We have just released an hotfix for our Android SDK:

Notable fixes include:

  • BaasLink referring to the wrong endpoints (#27)
  • BaasDocument.count() not using provided query criteria (#29)

This hotfix release will be soon available on maven as version 0.8.3a

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