From the birth of the idea to today, passing through Y Combinator and EnLabs. The complete history of BaasBox told by the founders Claudio and Federico.

September 2012

The first embryo of BaasBox

Claudio and Federico have worked for various years in the ICT sector dealing mainly with mobile app development. During the course of their experience they realised more and more that they needed a tool that would allow them to not have to rewrite the backend every time from scratch. From their meeting the first embryo of BaasBox was born.

November 2012

BaasBox wins the Cloudseed Contest

In November 2012, the two founders of BaasBox successfully took part in the “Cloudseed Contest” taking first place as the best idea for the cloud business. The prototype of BaasBox as a framework for mobile Backend-as-a- service won the jury over and allowed Claudio and Federico to win a cash prize immediately reinvested into the society.

November 2012

BaasBox lands on Github

In november 2012 BaasBox also lands on Github presenting to the public the first user management and database functions.

November 2012

The evangelization starts

Starts the first phase of the evangelization of BaasBox telling of how it is able to accelerate the mobile app development process.

December 2012

BaasBox and the hackathons

Federico and Claudio are called to support the participating teams at the hackathons that use BaasBox to develop their ideas.

January 2013

BaasBox comes to marketsandmarkets

BaasBox is inserted into the “Cloud Mobile Backend as-a-service” guide compiled by marketsandmarkets.

February 2013

Federico and Claudio become trainers

Claudio and Federico start to hold live events with European developers to train them in the use of BaasBox.

May 2013

One of the most innovative Italian startups

BaasBox is presented among the most innovative projects at the largest Start-up fair in Italy.

June 2013

Start of the acceleration program at Luiss EnLabs

The BaasBox team was selected to take part in the Luiss Enlabs acceleration program, the largest startup accelerator in Italy. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for the project which became larger and grew exponentially, day after day, throughout the itinerary in EnLabs.

September 2013

Meeting Michael Widenius

During the acceleration period at Luiss Enlabs, Claudio and Federico met the inventor of MySql, Michael Widenius.

October 2013

Over 200 apps now use BaasBox

By now we have exceeded quota 200 for the number of apps in the store using BaasBox backend.

November 2013

BaasBox meets Eugeny Kapersky

The BaasBox team had the great honor of meeting Eugeny Kapersky who, in 1997, founded Kapersky Lab.

November 2013

Curtains up! It’s time for investor day

With the acceleration finished it was time for Investor Day in Luiss Enlabs during which BaasBox was presented to an audience of 150 investors and business angels opening the capital increase. The acceleration itinerary finished and, during the course of those six months, BaasBox registered a growth of 21.8%.

January 2014

Capital increase and new shareholders

The growth of BaasBox is confirmed in January of 2014 with a major capital increase and the entry of new shareholders, Venture Group s.p.a, a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and Seeweb, a major European cloud provider also quoted since 2016.

March 2014

BaasBox is among the best startups in Lazio

BaasBox received a money grant from Lazio, putting it among the best startups in the whole region.

April 2014

Lecturing at the University of Camerino

The BaasBox team was called by the University of Camerino to teach a course to its students of informatics.

May 2014

Meeting the “King” Riccardo Zacconi

A pleasant surprise, Riccardo Zacconi, founder of “King” and creator of Candy Crush, dropped by the office to meet the BaasBox team.

July 2014

A chat with Michael Seibel

Claudio and Federico had the pleasure to chat with Michael Seibel, CEO at Y-Combinator, one of the most important startup incubators in the world.

August 2014

Time to BaasBox enterprise

The first Enterprise version of BaasBox was released installable in the cloud or on the clients’ servers with a monthly assistance contract.

October 2014

Conference time for BaasBox

During autumn BaasBox sponsored the Pragma Conference, the most important italian conference for iOS dev and Droidcon.

November 2014

California dreaming,

During a cold autumn day, the whole team realised a marvellous dream: BaasBox was selected by Y-Combinator for the final selection at Mountain View, San Fransisco. This is one of the most important startup incubators in the world where giants such as Dropbox, Airbnb e were born.

January 2015

BaasBox at the 360 Partners Competition

BaasBox Team flights to Milan to partecipate at the final step of “360 Capital Partners Competition”.

February 2015

BaasBox at the “John Cabot University”

Even the international universities call on BaasBox for lessons. One of these is the “John Cabot University” in Rome.

March 2015

BaasBox lands in the Gartner Guides

BaasBox is mentioned in the Gartner guides: “Market Guide for Hybrid Integration Platform-Enabling Technologies” and “Market Guide for Cloud Mobile Back-End Services”

May 2016

For the love of Sport, BaasBox at SkySport

On the 28th and 29th of May BaasBox took part in the first SkySportHack a hackathon which had as its objective to rethink the way in which Millennials can live sport, before, during and after the events. BaasBox captured the curiosity of the judges with the idea of #WeSky and earned an interview with the heads of SkySport.

August 2016

BaasBox in Rio with FIDAL

The BaasBox team realizes the app that would accompany the Italian national athletics team during the course of the Olympic games in Rio.

October 2016

Discovering new worlds, Makemake and LUNA

BaasBox launch his two new products, Makemake for Product Design, and LUNA Development for app development.

October 2016

Mentors at Lean Startup Program

Federico is one of the mentors for the second edition of “Lean Startup Program” organised from Peekaboo.

January 2017

Lecturing at the University of Tor Vergata

The BaasBox team was called by the University of Tor Vergata to talk about BaasBox Software and Makemake to its students of engineering.